A comprehensive illustration of your animal's health

With as little as a single sample—you get a complete picture of your animals' health, with greater flexibility than ever before.

The Routine Animal Health Monitoring Program from IDEXX BioAnalytics is designed to make the monitoring process as simple as possible. Dedicated project managers offer one-to-one support from consultation to invoice, while an intuitive platform for data collection makes the reporting process as convenient as possible.

An intuitive, customer-centric approach to animal health monitoring:

  • Fast TAT: quick access to the reported results you need
  • Flexible combination of serological and PCR panels to match desired exclusion list
  • Easy sample collection and shipping, including free supplies
  • No need for necropsy
  • Our approach is adaptable to any housing system (open top, filter top, IVC, isolators, etc.)

A straightforward process to Routine Animal Health Monitoring

  1. Submit your request online using a simple and intuitive form
  2. If required, our team can discuss and provide guidance on your submission
  3. Submit your sample using express couriers
  4. Receive your results
  5. Retrieve your historical report and data through our dedicated online portal

Dedicated support and expertise from the leaders in animal health monitoring.

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