Prompt, precise, and backed by the highest quality assurance

Factual, detailed tissue interpretation is the backbone of any study. There are no 'do overs' or room for accidents. As such, each sample must be handled with extreme care by dependable, board-certified pathologists with extensive training in research animal expertise.

Whether your organization needs advanced support for a handful of studies or simply has too much volume to handle in-house, IDEXX BioAnalytics can help.

Fast, accurate, and backed by the highest quality assurance, our world-class anatomic pathology team is standing by with one-stop reliable diagnostic and expert consultation for all your histology, research pathology, toxicologic pathology, and diagnostic pathology needs.

Routine, and specialized histology services to support research, discovery, and product development

Our ACVP board-certified pathologists have decades of experience providing high-quality histology services on a wide range of research specimens. 

Our histology services include paraffin and frozen section preparation with routine hematoxylin and eosin and a wide selection of special histochemical stains. Specialized services include immunohistochemistry, section preparation for PCR or hybridization studies, and the development of histological techniques to complement specific research needs.

Backed by an experienced quality assurance unit, IDEXX BioAnalytics provides a wide range of auditing capabilities, including facility qualifications, in-phase inspections, and more.

Skillful research pathology services to support biomedical scientists developing disease interventions or studying disease conditions 

Our team of research pathologists provides comprehensive macroscopic and microscopic examinations of tissues from a wide variety of specimens. 

Our services include a protocol-driven collection of samples, histopathological review of tissue sections, semiquantitative to quantitative histomorphology, and report preparation.  We can also incorporate ancillary research services such as hematology, clinical chemistries, cytology, immunohistochemistry, photomicroscopy, and radiology.

Skilled pathologists, decades of experience, and industry-leading quality control to move your research forward.

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