Contamination and lab-acquired infections are a risk to your health, your animals, and your research

If a virus gets loose in a rodent population, the impact can be devastating on both data quality and colony health. IMPACT™ rodent pathogen testing screens any material designated for introduction to mice against murine infectious agents.

IMPACT™ delivers a swift, accurate response while still providing the same level of security needed when introducing animals into a vivarium.

Minimize the risk of an outbreak with reliable microbiological rodent pathogen testing

IMPACT™mis a comprehensive biosecurity program designed for vivariums and anywhere research mice are in use. IMPACT™ features: 

  • 99% sensitivity (1-10 copy)
  • Precise real-time PCR technology
  • High (12,000nL) PCR reaction volume to increase diagnostic performance
  • Detectection of  Mycoplasma spp. contamination
  • Automatic re-test of all positive results
  • Multiple controls (Nucleic acid extraction, positive, negative, and inhibition controls) on every plate
  • Highly specific probes designed by industry experts

The IMPACT ™ difference

Our real-time PCR testing uses high reaction volume to guarantee reliability. Plus, there is no need for preamplification steps that would introduce additional risk for a false positive. 

  • Only a single sample is required
  • Fast turnaround time - three days or less 
  • Does not depend on other variables
  • Peer-reviewed superiority in sensitivity and specificity to MAP
  • Single assay per each infectious agent, no microarray technology

Minimize the risk of an outbreak
with IMPACT™ testing.

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