Sample Collection & Shipping


Collection of material should be performed aseptically to prevent contamination of samples. 

To submit cells, cell culture or liquid sample:

• Submit one cryovial containing a minimum of 1x10cells/vial of each biological or cultured cell sample. If limited amounts or samples are available or require evaluation, call for more information. Cells may be in the form of a pellet or in growth media, freeze media or phosphate buffered saline (PBS). For liquid samples, submit one cryovial of each sample with 0.5 mL of sample/vial. 

To submit tissue/solid tumor samples: 

• Submit a 1.5 mL snap top or screw top tube of each sample with a minimum of 30 mg of tissue (2-3mm size fragment or larger).  

To submit antibody samples: 

• Submit 0.5 mL antibody for testing. If optimal sample volume is not available, we recommend submission of at least the amount of antibody that will be injected into a single animal. While this amount is not considered optimal, our IMPACT assays are very sensitive and allow detection of 1-100 virions. 


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