A comprehensive microbiome analysis to fit your unique research needs

The microbiota is becoming increasingly important to researchers and can be a significant variable that affects research findings. Because the microbiota can be impacted by experimental treatments that affect the physiology of the research animal, the microbiome of research animals must be easily identified and investigated.

By combining next-generation sequencing technology with metagenomics and bioinformatics tools, IDEXX BioAnalytic’s Microbiome Analysis provides a convenient, cost-effective, and most importantly, comprehensive picture of the animal’s microbiome.

All-inclusive testing with unparalleled customer-centric support

Our bioinformatics produces a timely, comparative analysis of known bacteria sequences for the best data comparison and analysis on the market. 

  • DNA isolation—from all bacteria in the sample
  • Deep sequencing—generates 200–500 megabases of sequence
  • Bacterial Identification—identifies all bacteria present and their relative abundance

Convenient microbiome analysis with lightning-fast turnaround

  • Turnaround in just four weeks 
  • Easy sample collection–submit two frozen fecal pellets for mice and rats*
  • Expert data analysis and easy-to-use reports - FASTA/ FASTQ files are available upon request
  • Analysis is available for other species including dog, cat, pig, and zebrafish

*Call for submission requirements of other species or sample types

Fast, accurate, and reliable results.

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