Simple, precise, and extraordinarily fast.

IDEXX BioAnalytics pairs real-time PCR testing with serology to provide a complete picture of your animal's health. Our newly optimized PCR animal testing service is ideal for quarantine, colony, environmental, and biological testing solutions. 

Utilizing diagnostics from both colony and sentinel samples, PCR samples can also be pooled, reducing costs and helping you make a more accurate and faster assessment of your colony’s health. Submit your PCR samples for quick and accurate results.

The superiority of real-time PCR animal testing

  • Exquisite sensitivity and specificity
  • Easy sample collection
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Large reaction volume to increase sensitivity
  • No unnecessary pre-amplification steps
  • Multiple control per each reaction (positive, negative, inhibition and extraction)

"Our PCR is so fast, customers are asking
if we really ran the samples!"

Dr. Bob Livingston, Associate Director Operations & Scientific Affairs, IDEXX BioAnalytics

Implementation of real-time PCR in animal health monitoring allows for: 

  • Screening of viruses, bacteria, and parasites in quarantine
  • Screening of infectious agents for routine health monitoring
  • Confirmation of positive results in microbial culture, parasitology and serology
  • Testing biological material for pathogens to prevent infection in animals

Real-time PCR, built for speed and accuracy.

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