Faster quarantine testing at IDEXX BioAnalytics 

Requiring only a handful of samples for a clear and accurate picture of a source animal’s health, our expert scientists will suggest the optimum sample to provide optimal diagnostic results in the quickest amount of time. 

Our quarantine testing program tests for all infectious agents on your exclusion list using four or fewer easy-to-collect samples—without the need for sentinels or shipping live animals.

Use IDEXX BioAnalytics for fast and reliable quarantine testing

Quarantine Release... - Icon

Quarantine release in three weeks or less

Utilizes real-time... - Icon

Utilizes real-time PCR-based technology and serology detection


No shipping of live animals required, reducing shipping cost


Highly sensitive and specific: why researchers employ PCR in quarantine testing

  • Able to detect viable and nonviable organisms
  • Fast TAT 
  • Easy sample collection 
  • No need to use sentinel animals that would introduce other variables
  • Pooled samples allow for test watching a single animal, avoiding uncertainty 

Expect the best in quarantine testing from the leaders in animal health monitoring. 

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